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Gabi Nadeau
Junior Gabi Nadeau is joining The Bucs’ Blade for her first year with the staff. She is hoping to share unique content that will get people thinking and talking about important ideas. Writing and learning new styles of literature to express her voice has grown for her over the years. Current news and theories about past events strike interest for her as she listens to podcasts and YouTube videos covering these topics. Gabi also invests her time in exploring fashion, trying to incorporate her style as well as other influences to widen her appearance, pulling inspiration from athleisure and street style brands. Lacrosse is a big part of her life, playing for GHHS and club teams throughout her high school career. Gabi hopes to share her own opinions, express other student voices, and further her education writing for The Bucs’ Blade.

Gabi Nadeau, Reporter

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