Twisting trends

As I look through my closet, I wonder what I’ll choose to wear for the next day. As I do that, I think “should I wear this or that?” Clothes express who I am and what my mood is for that day. I try to be unique and different in every way with my clothes, but sometimes my taste overlaps with popular trends.

As I shop for clothes, I look for unique pieces of my own along with fashion trends in mind. I’ve only gone shopping at Plato’s Closet for the past few months, along with PacSun a couple of times for Brandy Melville. 

Plato’s Closet is like a high-end Goodwill. People can bring clothes to donate and can make money from clothes if sold. Plato’s Closet has a lot of popular brands for a cheaper price than the original. 

Most of the clothing I own is from Plato’s Closet and a lot of it consists of popular brands like American Eagle Outfitters, Brandy Melville, Forever 21 and more. 

If you were to look through my closet, you would see a lot of basic pieces of clothing or what’s the most popular. I like to mix and match my clothes to create outfits that are unique to me.

For example, taking a crop top and matching it with mom jeans along with chunky shoes. Mom jeans, crop tops and chunky shoes have all become popular pieces of clothing that are considered fashion trends. I match it all together to form an outfit I find creative, unique, cute and honestly me. 

It’s good to be unique with your clothes because clothes express who someone is and it shows what a person is like. I think it’s okay to take fashion trends and add them to what you wear because it shows you like what’s popular with your own taste of creativity. 

Taking popular fashion trends such as fluffy jackets and Doc Martens can really make an outfit cute, but wearing those pieces how you want is important. You don’t want to follow in someone else’s footprints when it comes to fashion because it shows you’re more of a follower than an influencer.