Senior Karlee Schaub shows uniqueness through fashion


Grant Engelsman

BIRD’S EYE VIEW: Schaub poses in BDG black jeans with a yellow long sleeve shirt and a pair of Nike shoes. “I dress the way I feel comfortable. I like fashion because it makes me feel confident,” Schaub said.

From Urban Outfitters to thrift stores, senior Karlee Schaub collects pieces of clothing to add to her unique collection of clothes.

“I think those places have the most unique clothes,” Schaub said. “I feel like when I shop there, like when I find a shirt or a pair of pants, I can picture in my mind what I’ll wear with it.”

Schaub likes to have her own unique style because it makes her feel confident and comfortable.

“No one’s like me,” Schaub said. “I just like to make my own stuff the way that they are. I am who I am type of stuff.”

Schaub buys clothes that she likes and thinks are unique instead of buying something because someone else has it.

“I have a pair of black BDG jeans that are from Urban, but I got them at Plato’s Closet,” Schaub said. “I hemmed them and nobody else will ever have them because I made them my own style.”

Schaub likes to incorporate some popular clothing trends into her everyday style. 

“I don’t really like short skirts,” Schaub said. “I like to wear a lot of longer skirts or high waisted jeans.”

Schaub likes to add accessories to her outfits to give them a finished look.

“I’ll always have a pair of earrings and I usually stack necklaces,” Schaub said. “I have a favorite necklace. It’s a sun and moon that I wear from urban and then I’ll wear this necklace my boyfriend got me.”

Schaub thinks she inspires others sometimes, but thinks people should be unique in their own way.

“I think people should dress the way that they feel most comfortable and let them know that’s who they are,” Schaub said.