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Senior Connor Worthington reflects on time spent with Team G.H.

(Photo courtesy of Connor Worthington)

Natalie Dupuis, Reporter

May 18, 2020

Senior Connor Worthington was disappointed when Governor Whitmer canceled school due to COVID-19 because he was missing out on the last part of his senior year. “There’s activities to look forward to especially at the end with seniors,” Worthington said. “I understand why [school was canceled...

Senior Emily Stevenson keeps herself entertained during COVID-19 lockdown

Emily Stevenson poses next to a sign of where she works. (Photo courtesy of Emily Stevenson)

Natalie Dupuis, Reporter

March 27, 2020

  Senior Emily Stevenson was excited to have a break off of school due to COVID-19 at first, but now has realized she may be missing out on some last minute opportunities of her senior year. “It’s just my last high school experience and it’s kind of hard to come to terms with,” St...

AP exam money is due now

This current year's coordinator's manual for AP testing.

Natalie Dupuis, Reporter

March 11, 2020

For students in AP classes, money for College Board exams are due Wednesday, March 11 says testing coordinator Connie Vanschelven. “I can’t begin to tell you how many reminders I have sent out to kids who have AP classes,” Vanschelven said. “There are still kids who owe money.” Back in...

Are schools putting too much on teens?

Teens struggle between the balance of homework, sports and their personal lives. (Photo courtesy of Creative Commons)

Natalie Dupuis, Reporter

March 3, 2020

Teenagers today have a lot going on and don’t have much time for themselves.  Students have multiple classes a day for five days a week. Homework is given out to students every night and teenagers have to balance all their classes’ homework.  Some people take advanced placement (AP) and honors cla...

Junior embraces her style day to day

Natalie Dupuis, Reporter

March 1, 2020

Looking in the mirror, junior Kaitlen Erickson looks her outfit up and down admiring the different pieces of clothing she’s put together. She puts pieces together most people wouldn’t think of combining.  Using the app CLOSET on her iPad, Erickson takes pictures of her clothes and mixes and matches th...

Coach Wiebenga named regional wrestling coach of the year

Coach Jeremey Wiebenga has been named regional wrestling coach of the year. (Photo courtesy of Jeremy Wiebenga)

Natalie Dupuis, Reporter

February 27, 2020

Wrestling coach Jeremy Wiebenga has been recognized as regional wrestling coach of the year. “Just knowing how to support your head coach and follow his lead is a job well done,” Wiebenga said.  He says wrestling head coach Vincent Gervais is well respected and nominated Wiebenga for the award. ...

Library’s collection of books continues to expand

Pictured are some new books that have been recently added to the library's collection on display.

Natalie Dupuis, Reporter

February 20, 2020

New books are usually ordered several times a month holding 20 to 30 books at a time in a box.  “Normally it takes a week or two to get everything in from an order because some things are back-ordered or Amazon sometimes takes a little bit of time to get here,” media specialist Dana Rider said....

Five best places for dinner on Valentine’s Day

Olive Garden is one of the top places to take your valentine's date out for dinner.

Natalie Dupuis, Reporter

February 13, 2020

The Paisley Pig Gastropub Grade: B- The Paisley Pig Gastropub is a nice cozy restaurant with lots of different options to eat and is located right in Grand Haven. Having a variety of food allows people to find something to eat on their large menu. The wait isn’t too bad, but the service cou...

SAT/ACT instructor teaches prep classes

SAT/ACT instructor teaches prep classes

Natalie Dupuis, Reporter

February 6, 2020

This upcoming February and March, Dr. Scott Carlin will hold online classes for those who want to prepare for the SAT, ACT or both.  The SAT online classes are available for $179. That includes seven hours broken down into three sessions. For the ACT, there are classes online for $199 for a total o...

Pay it forward continues to make a change in everyday lives

Students part of pay it forward toured the Children's Advocacy Center in Holland and were able to learn the work of the center. (Photo courtesy of Brian Williams)

Natalie Dupuis, Reporter

February 2, 2020

Pay it forward is a semester-long class where students create a project to benefit the community and make an impact in other people’s lives.  “I wanted to create a class that offered a whole bunch of experiences for a person who’s experiencing a transitional time in their life, which would be...

Exam waivers motivate seniors to finish strong

Second semester exams are avoidable for seniors if they're able to follow the requirements.

Natalie Dupuis, Reporter

January 24, 2020

Seniors are exempted from their second semester exams if they’re able to keep up with the requirements. “It’s been very successful,” assistant principal Mike Roberson said. “We’ve seen much better attendance, much better academic success and fewer behavior problems from our seniors.” S...

Milligan’s Mitten Mobile provides quality detailing

A piece of cloth is used to wipe down the car from the soapy exterior.

Natalie Dupuis, Reporter

January 17, 2020

Mud and dust are sprayed off a car as the water hits the surface. The car is soaked in water and drips down the driveway leaving a trail. The water is then changed to soap and soap is sprayed in every crease and crevice of the car's exterior. It looks like a giant spray paint project with the so...