Main hallway showcases new student artwork


Camille Berko

ON DISPLAY: Student’s ceramic artwork is displayed in the showcases in the first floor main hallway. “I think it’s really important to showcase everybody,” Sipe said. (photo by Camille Berko)

New ceramic pieces have been put up in the main hallway display cases. The ceramic pieces will be kept up longer this semester due to art teacher Irene Sipe having a huge semester of ceramic classes.

“I find that not only is it really valuable to the students who made the piece, but also for people around the building to be able to see it,” Sipe said. 

Sipe filters pieces of artwork in the display cases when different projects are being worked on in class. She records what students have had work put out on display so everyone has a chance to have their art displayed in the hallway for everyone to see.

“I’ll choose a selection that works well together, and has quality craftsmanship and some unique aspects to it,” Sipe said. 

Sipe takes different approaches to teaching art and doing that she’s able to discover what each individual’s skills are for each project.

“All the different skills that we find for an individual is pretty nice because we’re able to showcase that for them,” Sipe said