Science teacher Nick Vlietstra named staff pick for March


Natalie Dupuis

GROUNDWATER DISPLAY: Vlietstra shows students how water moves in different types of soil in his groundwater display. “I think it’s a class environment thing,” Vlietstra said. “I think they enjoy the fact that it’s loose and not super serious all the time. Science can be hard, but it’s also something we can relax about and enjoy the classroom.”

Students voted last week for ‘staff pick of the month’ and chose Earth Science teacher Nick Vlietstra. 

They were given access to a Google Form with all staff members’ names. Students voted for who they wanted and left comments at the bottom explaining their selection.

As a prize, he was given a crown and a bag of goodies but says the remarks from students were the best part.

Vlietstra said students left comments about how they like the atmosphere in his classroom because it’s a relaxed feel making learning better.

“I’m honored that I was considered,” Vlietstra said. “There are so many teachers at this school that would be deserving of anything like this, so to be in that conversation is flattering.”