5 questions with Maddie Schopf

Who’s your role model? 

  • My role model will have to be my dad. He taught me the game of golf and got me into it. He’s at every match and he walks in as my inspiration and motivation to just do well. So, definitely my dad. 


What’s your favorite golf course you’ve ever played? 

  • My favorite golf course that I’ve ever played would have to be the Arizona Grand golf course. It’s a resort course and it’s just beautiful and really well kept. The weather is always nice and you can see camelback mountain and it’s really pretty. 


What are some hobbies you do in your spare time?

  • I love to read and I am a big biker. I like to do mountain biking and trail biking. I like hanging out with friends, and hanging out with family. That kind of stuff. 


What’s your favorite tv show/movie

  • My favorite TV shows are The Vampire Diaries and Criminal Minds


How do you feel about qualifying for state?

  • So last year I missed qualifying for states by one shot so for one year this has been my goal. Going in I was very nervous because I knew what was on the line. I just moved here so my old conference was a lot easier than the OK red, that’s one of the harder conferences. I knew I would have to shoot really well to be able to qualify. So I am just ecstatic and so excited. And it’s really cool to see the support that I’ve gotten for qualifying. But yeah, I’m just super excited.