Parent-teacher conferences to be held Thursday, Mar. 18

Parent-teacher conferences are to be held Thursday, Mar. 18 from 3:00-5:30 p.m. through Google Meet or over the phone due to COVID-19.

Parents can sign up for a time slot to meet with teachers through SchoolBookings.

“We have ParentVUE, which is a useful tool, but it doesn’t give all the details,” assistant principal Mike Roberson said. “I think that conversation gives the ‘why’ behind the grade.”

Both parents and students have been told about upcoming conferences. Parents were sent an email while students have been told through morning announcements.

“It’s a parent-teacher conference, but ultimately our goal is that students [become] successful,” Roberson said. “We know it was a good conference if ultimately the student has more success, and that’s all you want to see happen.”