Senior Madison Rogers named national merit finalist


Photo courtesy of Madison Rogers

ROGERS: Rogers has been named a national merit finalist for Grand Haven High School. “Taking the test is going to be hard, but if you have the opportunity to take it, take it, because you never know what could happen,” Rogers said.

Senior Madison Rogers has been named a national merit finalist for Grand Haven High School.

“I checked the mail and there was the letter,” Rogers said. “I opened it and it said ‘congratulations’ and I started bawling because it’s just so surreal. I never expected that out of everyone in the school I would be the only one to be a finalist.”

A national merit finalist is within the top 1% of test takers for the PSAT and NMSQT tests. Qualifying as a finalist opens up more scholarship opportunities that aren’t available to anyone else. 

This has allowed Rogers to put more thought into attending University of Alabama, University of Michigan, Dartmouth College, Hope College and Vanderbilt University. 

Rogers has worked hard to be where she is today but she’s also had support from her family and third grade teacher Julia Clow along the way. 

“[She] was pivotal,” Rogers said. “She really empowered me in my education to kind of take charge of it. She challenged me and gave me a greater appreciation for learning.”