Exam waivers motivate seniors to finish strong


Gabi Nadeau

Second semester exams are avoidable for seniors if they’re able to follow the requirements.

Natalie Dupuis, Assigning Editor

Seniors are exempted from their second semester exams if they’re able to keep up with the requirements.

“It’s been very successful,” assistant principal Mike Roberson said. “We’ve seen much better attendance, much better academic success and fewer behavior problems from our seniors.”

Seniors are required to maintain a B- or better, have five or less absences and have no behavioral referrals. Roberson noted its effectiveness in achieving higher success for seniors as they enter the final stretch of their high school career. 

“It’s been a good way to keep them engaged and motivated throughout the school year,” Roberson said.

In addition to keeping seniors focused on the task at hand, which is finishing high school, Roberson said this is not a hand-out seniors should expect at the end of their career.

“It’s a privilege,” Roberson said. “I highly recommend taking advantage of that opportunity.”

Roberson has been at the high school before the exam waiver was put into place. He’s seen what it was like prior to having the exam waiver and he’s seen changes from then to now. 

“I think it’s a great incentive for seniors,” Roberson said. “They’re in that kind of one foot in, one foot out situation and it’s been a good way to help keep them engaged and motivated throughout the school year.”