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What’s in it for Student Senate?

SENATE SETUP: Senior senate member Hannah Brackenbury along with senior Paige Beland make a homecoming poster to go along with the other decorations spread out between the pods. This is a yearly tradition where the different graduating classes decorate a designated pair of pods with hopes to gain bragging rights over the other classes and Student Senate as a whole.

Nick Twa, Business Manager

October 28, 2019

You walk into school and you see decorations strewn about the different pods. Many different colors and patterns, but all following one specific theme. These decorations may seem out of the ordinary, but then you look around and you realize something. It’s homecoming week.  Then there’s event...

Upcoming pep assembly excites all

The dance team has been working very hard and will be performing at the pep assembly on Friday. (Photo courtesy of Morgan Harrison)

Natalie Dupuis, Reporter

October 9, 2019

The homecoming pep assembly takes place this Friday on October 11th, 2019 after sixth hour.  “I think it’s a good way to represent school spirit,” Emma Laws said.  The pep assembly is going to have the typical activities that we usually have like tug of war and the scream competition, plus...

Annual belly flop contest held on Tuesday

Senior Jaden King prepares to hit the water. King was a first-timer in the competition this year.

Nick Twa, Business Manager

October 9, 2019

The annual belly flop contest was held during sixth hour on Tuesday. Eighteen student floppers and a few staff members participated in the event as seniors were let out early to spectate. Junior and past champion of the contest Thomas MacDonald enjoys the contest and participated this year as well...

Senate kicks off homecoming week with hallway decorations

Senate kicks off homecoming week with hallway decorations

Gabi Nadeau, Reporter

October 7, 2019

Student senate decorates the hallways in preparation for homecoming week. The theme for this year was board games. Class of 2020:  The senior class took on the theme of CLUE. Pods 2 and 6 were surrounded with vintage decorations, a suspect list featuring staff members and a fake crime scene, showca...

Student Senate gears up for homecoming

The class of 2020 poses for a picture post powderpuff competition 2018. Powderpuff is one of the most popular homecoming week events and draws a large crowd. Other popular events include the belly flop, the football game, and the dance.

Natalie Dupuis, Reporter

September 28, 2019

As homecoming approaches, Student Senate is busy gearing up for the week. Senate president Juliette Beals says that homecoming has a lot more to it than you might think.  "We break up into committees,” Beals said. “So each of those specific groups are working on their own thing. And then we...

Gallery: Homecoming Dance 2018

Gallery: Homecoming Dance 2018

Carlos Rappleye, Photo editor

September 30, 2018

With the 2018 homecoming season coming to an end, Grand Haven High School celebrates with the annual homecoming dance.

Seniors seal a victory at 2018 homecoming powderpuff

The senior line celebrating their second win

Sam Woiteshek, Co-Editor-In-Chief

September 27, 2018

WHAT HAPPENED: The senior class of 2019 won Powderpuff last night, behind a speedy offensive attack and tough defense. They beat the sophomores 8-0 in overtime before taking down the juniors 8-0 in the championship match. WHAT IT MEANS: The seniors claimed their first championship and will leave Grand Haven High ...

Homecoming week leaves students filled with spirit

The senior team beat out both the sophomores and the freshmen. Megan Kostner leads the team onto the field to celebrate. The class of 2018 is back to back champs from last years season.

Maddie Monroe, Editor in Chief

October 3, 2017


Not just for wiping

Not just for wiping

Kevin Swain, Senior staff writer

October 17, 2015

For years, upperclassmen have clashed in a ruthless weeklong war. The battles, which take place in the middle of the night, typically include parties of students and guerilla-style warfare. Their weapon of choice? Toilet paper. TP-ing, as it’s called, is the act of covering an object (such as a t...

Homecoming pep assembly gallery

The member of court hit the ground running in he staff vs. court dodgeball game. Both teams won a round, ending with no tie breaker.

Elizabeth Tibbe, Co-editor in chief

October 12, 2015

Homecoming court sophomore Jack Nicholson

Sophomore Jack Nicholson is currently 13 seconds behind Grand Haven's all time fastest runner, Joe Duff.

Savannah Vickers, Reporter

October 11, 2015

The crisp winter air loomed outside the windows of Rosy Mound Elementary School, but the third-graders inside were safe from the snow. “Everyone was wearing like a jacket and snow pants," sophomore Jack Nicholson said with a sheepish smile. "I was in the third grade so like four feet tall and I...