Homecoming 2022

Jordan Colón, Photojournalist




Homecoming is next week. People have bought their dresses and are preparing for an exciting spirit week. The theme for this year is “Movie Mania.” 

Each grade is taking a big movie franchise and using it to decorate their pods. Senior Ava Buitenhuis, the Student Senate president is excited for her last year experiencing homecoming as a student. 

“When you’re a freshman, you don’t really get to pick the good division out of the theme you chose but now that we got to get first picks in for seniors and we got Jurassic Park, I think it’ll be really cool,”  Buitenhuis said. “I think everyone’s banners too will look really good because we all decorate banners based on what we chose. And I think since they’re such big movies, there are so many things to decorate.”

Senate students have been making decorations during academy with hopes of outdoing themselves with the decorations. 

“I think we’re really trying to get the excitement back up about Homecoming just because everything kinda hit a lull with COVID and we’re just trying to get people more excited and involved,” Buitenhuis said. “It’ll just be fun to participate and look at all the pods and decorations too. But I think just like getting the excitement and involvement back up.”

Senate hopes the spirit day themes will boost participation. Monday is all about wearing gray slacks and comfy cozy clothes. For Tuesday, Ava suggested baggy shorts, baggy shirts, and oversized Adam Sandler-type clothes. Wednesday is colorwars, Thursday is pajama day, and Friday is blue and gold day. 


Decoration Themes:

Seniors: Jurassic Park (Pods 2&6)

Juniors: Despicable Me (Pods 1&5)

Sophomores: Toy Story (Pods 4&8)

Freshman: Monster Inc. (Pods 3&7)


Spirit Week Themes:

Monday: Groutfits (Gray)

Tuesday: Adam Sandler

Wednesday: Color Wars

Thursday: PJ’s

Friday: Blue & Gold


Homecoming Activities:

Monday: Movie Night ($3)

Tuesday: Bellyflop (Academy)

Wednesday: Powderpuff (7p)

Thursday: N/A

Friday: Pep Assembly/Football Game