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Laura Knochenhauer works on the interior of her family's bus. Right now it appears to be nothing more than plywood and tape, but soon it will be a fully functioning family home.

Steering toward the future

Science teacher builds eco-friendly, livable bus for family
Emma Manzo, Reporter November 26, 2019

The sun rises over an off-white school bus, its energy absorbed by the solar panels on the roof. This electricity allows the bus’ owner, science teacher Laura Knochenhauer,  to switch on the light inside....

Deputy Mackeller and Mrs. Schmitt along with others received the

GHHS named “school of the year” for vaping education

Natalie Dupuis, Assigning Editor November 13, 2019

Grand Haven High School partnered with a few different organizations through the Ottawa Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (OSAPC) and was able to work and prevent the use of teen substance abuse.  “It’s...

New yoyo club created by Gavin Hubner

New yoyo club created by Gavin Hubner

Cameron March, Reporter November 13, 2019

Sophomore Gavin Hubner is a yo-yoist. And he’s pretty good at it, so good as a matter of fact that he has won national awards.  Hubner now hopes to reach out to his fellow classmates by attempting...

Chelsea Bender assists students with a lab in her chemistry classroom

Learning walks show parents high school experience

Emma Manzo, Reporter November 7, 2019

WHAT'S THE STORY? Principal Tracy Wilson has several upcoming learning walks for parents to observe what high school is like for their students on Wednesday Nov. 19 from 1p.m. to the end of the day,...

Senior Cal Coyne grins as he walks up on stage while the audience sings to him on his 18th birthday.

Students participate in special education inclusion talent show

Emma Manzo, Reporter October 26, 2019

Jeremy Wiebenga held the 2nd annual special education inclusion talent show during third hour on Oct. 18. The audience was enthusiastic and supportive; they cheered, clapped, even waved 10 signs. The...

Dance team performs at special education talent show

Dance team performs at special education talent show

Emma Manzo, Reporter October 17, 2019

The dance team and Gavin Hubner are performing at the 2nd annual inclusion talent show for students with special needs and autism during third hour on Friday Oct. 18 in the Performing Arts Center. The...

Trivia champion teaches with twist

Trivia champion teaches with twist

Emma Manzo, Reporter October 11, 2019

It is not every day you meet someone who is a state trivia champion and describes himself as a fantasy sports god, but GHHS now has John Josephson in its midst. After dropping out of MSU law school, Josephson...

A Step into Drawing 1

A Step Into Drawing 1

Mercedes Mancilla, Reporter October 26, 2018

Music department prepares for 5th annual “Holiday Spectacular”

Morgan Womack and Gabe Rutherford December 8, 2017

Band- Grand Haven’s band program will be giving its fresh take on some beloved pieces. The band will be featuring the Percussion Ensemble, the Wind Ensemble, the Brass Quintet, and the Buccaneer Big...

The Chamber Choir sings the

Choir thanks supporters after performance on Oct. 17

Karianne Turner, Arts Editor October 18, 2016

The choir performed on Oct. 17. in the Performing Arts Center. Each choir sang a mixture of songs such as “Lean on Me” and “Prayer of Children.” Junior Chelsey Robertson recognizes the encouragement...

DECA receive medals from state conference

Emma Sachteleben , Reporter March 18, 2016

This past weekend the Delta Epsilon Chi and Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) local club brought home two medals from the state conference held in Detroit. It is a program designed for students...

Von Zimmer album review

Von Zimmer album review

Kaysi Abbatoy, Reporter March 17, 2016

Von Zimmers album “Freddies Extra Teeth” has me confused. While the lyrics are a fresh look on social and political problems facing the world, the combination of hectic sound and hard to understand...

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