Local coffee shop Jumpin’ Java announces close


It’s bittersweet as Grand Haven residents recall what made Jumpin’ Java great. “I’ve made a lot of cool memories. I love the atmosphere here, even if I’m on my own.” -Connor Fleser “It’s really accepting. You can be yourself here.” -Serena Mattone

Alexandra Bakker

Grand Haven locals and coffee lovers alike are mourning the upcoming loss of Jumpin’ Java, a small family-owned cafe downtown.


The news came last week when the owner, Erin Lyon, officially announced the business would be closing on Dec. 3, 2022. They plan on opening a new shop called Kenzie’s BE Cafe down the street, which will be more focused on including and employing people with special needs.


Employees were shocked and sad when they found out.


“My boss called me and I thought I was getting fired,” Jumpin’ Java employee Serena Mattone said. “As she was telling me, I was just trying not to cry. [My boss] heard my voice crack and I cried afterwards.”


Jumpin’ Java patrons are also feeling the sting.


“It’s too bad,” regular customer Connor Fleser said. “It’s been a staple for a while. It feels like a lot has changed downtown lately; it’s a shame we’re losing this too.”

Connor Fleser does homework in a booth at Jumpin’ Java.