The Bucs' Blade

Mercedes Mancilla

Mercedes Mancilla, Reporter

Senior Mercedes Mancilla is starting her second year on the Bucs’ Blade. She paints, reads and worries about her future in her free time. She has successfully held a job at Jumpin’ Java, which she actually enjoys and hopes to someday create latte art as beautiful as one of her coworkers. She believes her future will entail joining the AirForce and becoming a cargo pilot and maybe going to school to become a psychologist. That is, if she can ever spell psychologist correctly. Although she regularly holds an ugly attitude she really does care for others, well for the most part that is. She adores politics, human rights, and really anything else that betters our planet. Pushing herself to fit a standard only she believes she can fit, she tries her hardest to look her best but also stand out mentally and physically. Still, she looks forward to a shorter, adventure-filled year.

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