Dance team performs at special education talent show


Emma Manzo, Reporter

The dance team and Gavin Hubner are performing at the 2nd annual inclusion talent show for students with special needs and autism during third hour on Friday Oct. 18 in the Performing Arts Center. The event is hosted by Jeremy Wiebenga. 

“We still want to showcase their special talents and this gives them that opportunity to do so,” Wiebenga said.

The dance team is performing a routine by themselves, and afterwards is inviting any of the special ed students to join a group dance. 

“I think this was really beneficial because it’s healthy to create inclusion among the special education department and the high school,” Savannah Hankinson, one of the captains of the dance team, said. “It’s also a really good opportunity for the dance team to perform in an atmosphere that is not at a sporting event.”

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come and enjoy the show. Many classes are taking their third hour to watch and support the performers. The competition will have a panel of judges, same as the whole school talent show. 

“Inclusion, in general, is vitally important. One because I think that sometimes the students in general ed learn more from it than our students do, learning acceptance, everyone’s different, everyone has special skills and abilities,” Wiebenga said.