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Although Science O season was canceled, seniors move on and take experiences with them

Although Science O season was canceled, seniors move on and take experiences with them

Ben Pease, Reporter

May 15, 2020

Along with many other clubs and sports, the Science Olympiad team faced the cancelation of their season due to the coronavirus outbreak this spring.  Senior Samantha Kasbohm was full of disappointment and shock when she discovered school and the Science O season was canceled. “I was very upset a...

Track & field seniors plan for what’s next, reflect on missed season

Senior Carter Larned leads a pack of buccaneer runners in a cross country meet. This year, he would've been a team captain on the boys track team.

Grant Engelsman, Reporter

April 29, 2020

Six weeks ago, all student athletes were told by MHSAA that spring sports were officially canceled. This affected so many student athletes from all sports. One of the sports affected was boys and girls track and field.  Grand Haven’s senior captains, Carter Larned and Maddie Nunn each had thei...

Basketball seniors Will McWatters and Jalen Greene reflect on their seasons during COVID-19 outbreak

Senior Will McWatters is pictured on the far left with his teammates after the team defeated Spring Lake in the

Nick Twa, Business Manager

April 20, 2020

There is one certain thing that has come along with all of the uncertainty pertaining to the COVID-19 outbreak, and that is plans ending or changing.  One of those plans is the boys basketball playoffs. For senior Will McWatters, having his senior season ending in the blink of an eye made him...

Junior Alexis Mountford adjusts to coronacation isolation

Junior Alexis Mountford plays with her brother's bearded dragon, Magma, during her time off school

Grace Ostric, Reporter

April 5, 2020

The announcement by Governor Whitmer to close school for three weeks initially shocked and excited junior Alexis Mountford. She, like many other teens, was looking forward to the break and seeing her friends. “I kinda didn’t know what to think, but I thought I was going to be able to hangout wi...

Senior Natalie Bremmer spends quarantine working out

Senior Natalie Bremmer flexes her muscles.

Adrienne Parcheta, Reporter

April 4, 2020

When Governor Whitmer called off school, it was a shock to everyone. It was especially hard for seniors, as their last year of high school was taken away from them in a matter of seconds. Senior Natalie Bremmer is not excluded from these emotions. “At first I was in shock and then I was devastated,” Bremmer...

Junior Maddie Hunsicker makes time for family during coronacation

Junior Maddie Hunsicker makes time for family during coronacation

Caleb Berko, Managing Editor

March 31, 2020

Junior Maddie Hunsicker’s initial reaction to Governor Whitmer’s executive order that closed school until April 5 was quite different from her perception of how it’s going now.  “I thought it was super cool at first,” Hunsicker said. “I thought I was just going to have a nice little br...

Bucs Pride to hold community fundraiser

Bluebird Family Camp will be held at Maranatha Conference Center to help support families dealing with cancer.

Natalie Dupuis, Reporter

December 18, 2019

The “Battle of the Bridge” basketball game will take place this Friday night in the GHHS Fieldhouse. Girls plays at 6:00 p.m. and the boys play at 7:30 p.m. In addition to the game, the varsity teams of Grand Haven and Spring Lake are going head to head to support the community cares fundraiser....

West plunges into spiritual failure

West plunges into spiritual  failure

Gabi Nadeau, Reporter

November 26, 2019

Kanye West's new album, Jesus is King, is a disappointing release. Not only did it lack culture but it was a completely new genre of music and appeal for his household name.  Kaynes fame started from being such an “out there” artist, not restraining how he felt, and speaking his mind like he did...

GHHS named “school of the year” for vaping education

Deputy Mackeller and Mrs. Schmitt along with others received the

Natalie Dupuis, Reporter

November 13, 2019

Grand Haven High School partnered with a few different organizations through the Ottawa Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (OSAPC) and was able to work and prevent the use of teen substance abuse.  “It’s not just for vaping,” deputy Jake Mackeller said. “It’s for any substance, but vaping se...

Wildlife biology dissection

Wildlife biology dissection

Grace Ostric, Reporter

November 11, 2019

  Teacher Roger Glass’ wildlife biology class dissected yellow perch during class on Monday, Nov. 11.  Following a series of steps and diagrams in a packet, groups of students cut the fish apart piece by piece. The fish were soaked in chemicals, so they had very little bacteria and were clean en...

What’s up with the 12th Buc?

Leaders try to engage all members of the section. Senior Carter Prieditis holds a sign letting students know what they’re all about. “The section’s purpose is to encourage the players,
especially when they need it the most,” Bremmer said. “But also to show some spirit, show some student pride, and kind of just let the opposing team know what we’re all about.”

Caleb Berko, Managing Editor

November 9, 2019

Year after year, the student section is the source of energy and excitement for our football, soccer, basketball, and numerous other sports teams.  They show up and bring the heat. They’re the ones who stomp their feet on the North side of the bleachers every game, they’re the ones shouting (a...