GHHS Students And Staff Prepare For Homecoming 2021

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GHHS Students And Staff Prepare For Homecoming 2021

As homecoming time approaches, GHHS Student services are beginning to prepare students for the week of fun-filled activities celebrating Homecoming. Concluding with the homecoming dance, the many plans for the week will allow students to improve school spirit and enjoy the week. 

During academy this past week, students have been given information about activities and expectations for homecoming week- this year the events will be themed and centered on school spirit, in addition to that National honors society students and Student services are providing dress clothes for the dance. 

According to Eva Clark (from GHHS Student Services) “NHS and I run the closet to provide clothing for students in need as well as clothing for our formal dances. We have everything a student may need and if we don’t have it we work to meet those specific needs. NHS students organize the closet and sort through donations which are given to the school”. 

The student senate is also working hard to make sure this year’s homecoming is one to remember. After almost two years of living with Covid-19, this homecoming week will give everyone something to celebrate. 

From decorating for each homecoming activity to the planning and logistics of running a successful homecoming, Student services and the Student Senate are working together to create a special experience for all GHHS students.