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Senate leaders reflect on their career coming to an end

Senate leaders reflect on their career coming to an end

Camille Berko, Managing Editor for Content

May 20, 2020

Like every other club and sport, Student Senate’s seniors missed out on a big part of their year. Senior Class President, Caleb Berko, is eager to find some closure.  “We are hopeful we can get back together once this is over - not just as a senior senate group - but as an entire senior class,...

What’s in it for Student Senate?

SENATE SETUP: Senior senate member Hannah Brackenbury along with senior Paige Beland make a homecoming poster to go along with the other decorations spread out between the pods. This is a yearly tradition where the different graduating classes decorate a designated pair of pods with hopes to gain bragging rights over the other classes and Student Senate as a whole.

Nick Twa, Business Manager

October 28, 2019

You walk into school and you see decorations strewn about the different pods. Many different colors and patterns, but all following one specific theme. These decorations may seem out of the ordinary, but then you look around and you realize something. It’s homecoming week.  Then there’s event...

Senate kicks off homecoming week with hallway decorations

Senate kicks off homecoming week with hallway decorations

Gabi Nadeau, Reporter

October 7, 2019

Student senate decorates the hallways in preparation for homecoming week. The theme for this year was board games. Class of 2020:  The senior class took on the theme of CLUE. Pods 2 and 6 were surrounded with vintage decorations, a suspect list featuring staff members and a fake crime scene, showca...

The search for Ducco the Bucco

Ducco the Bucco.

Camille Berko, Managing Editor for Content

October 1, 2019

Students have most likely heard about the newest member of GHHS by now, but they may not have seen him.  Ducco, is a rubber duck dressed as a pirate, hidden around the school. He was created by Student Senate, whose aim is to improve school culture, and have a little fun. They got the idea from ...

Student Senate gears up for homecoming

The class of 2020 poses for a picture post powderpuff competition 2018. Powderpuff is one of the most popular homecoming week events and draws a large crowd. Other popular events include the belly flop, the football game, and the dance.

Natalie Dupuis, Assigning Editor

September 28, 2019

As homecoming approaches, Student Senate is busy gearing up for the week. Senate president Juliette Beals says that homecoming has a lot more to it than you might think.  "We break up into committees,” Beals said. “So each of those specific groups are working on their own thing. And then we...

Winter formal dance tickets for sale

Maddie Brockmyre, Co-editor in chief

December 4, 2015

The winter formal dance will take place in the auxiliary gym on Dec. 12 from 8:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. Freshman senate members are in control of the decorating and planning of the dance. “I think it’s going to be really fun,” freshmen representative Bella Schincariol said. “We’re going to have a diffe...

Student senate sells candy grams for holidays

Micala Carpenter, Reporter

December 2, 2015

Candy grams will be sold for 25 cents a piece by student senate members until Dec. 11 and last minute sales will end on  Dec. 15. The grams will be handed out to students and teachers on Dec. 18. “Anyone can send as many candy grams as they’d like to anyone within the school,” student senate t...

Senate Santas

Connor Weber, Reporter

December 18, 2014

Student Senate president Devin Merz reflects on a cold December day when a car full of Senate members pulled up to a small run down house near downtown Grand Haven. They piled out of the car and cautiously made their way up a flight of dilapidated stairs to a door where they were met by a mother who...

Dance marathon sign up coming to close

Elizabeth Tibbe, Co-editor in chief

February 26, 2014

Student Senate will host a six hour dance marathon will take place from 4 until 10 p.m. on Saturday April 19. All dancers will be divided into groups of five or you can register as a team by having your forms together when you turn them in. All forms must be turned in to the main office or Abby Will...

Have you filled a bucket today? Senate visits elementary schools to promote anti-bullying

Mattson and Harding act out

Madison Wilder, Editor

January 15, 2014

When Senior Brooke Mattson asked ‘how do you think you can make Rosy Mound a better place?’, four eager third grade hands instantly shot into the air. Student Senate members participated in an anti-bullying campaign Tuesday Jan. 8  at several elementary schools. Senate split into small groups an...