The search for Ducco the Bucco


Ducco the Bucco.

Camille Berko, Editor In Chief

Students have most likely heard about the newest member of GHHS by now, but they may not have seen him. 

Ducco, is a rubber duck dressed as a pirate, hidden around the school. He was created by Student Senate, whose aim is to improve school culture, and have a little fun. They got the idea from other schools who’ve done similar activities.

“It’s a competition, but it’s not something you have to earn,” student senator Ellyn Skodack said. “It’s just kind of a fun thing that we hope students get involved with.”

Ducco will be hidden once a month, in different areas of the school, waiting for someone to find him (classrooms are out of bounds). 

For those that do find him, prizes include a variety of gift cards to stores and businesses around Grand Haven. 

The first to find Ducco was freshman Maron Stork in September. Ducco has been hidden again, and anyone could find him next. .

So get searching and follow @duccothebucco on Instagram