Science teacher “Big Stan” prepares for Iceland trip in 2021


Cameron March

This is the poster for the trip to Iceland in June of 2021. The poster includes who is involved and what parts of Iceland will be visited.

Natalie Dupuis, Assigning Editor

Science teacher Scott Stanley has been planning a trip to Iceland since last spring that will be taken sometime in June of 2021. 

“Well, for me, its been a dream for me to take students there for quite awhile,” Stanley said. 

He wanted to share this dream and get people to explore outside of Grand Haven. 

“If anybody likes to be outside and seeing a whole new world, a different world, like I said, you know, fire and ice, this is an opportunity to do something totally different,” Stanley said. “That doesn’t match what we have here in the continental United States.”

Stanley said he wants to expand people’s horizons with this trip to Iceland. 

“The whole thing about these trips is to try to give students a chance to step out of the Grand Haven area, see another part of the world,” Stanley said. “Iceland is a total different location.”

To become a part of the trip, you’ll need to pay a down payment and sign up for the google classroom. The code to the class is hsfyi73. You can get more information about the trip by watching for emails and messages. You can also get in contact with Josh and Katy Walters or Stanley. 

“We’re giving kids opportunities,” Stanley said. “We want them to see the world out there.”