Senior Frank Roberts named December Rotary Student of the Month

Camille Berko, Editor In Chief

Linda Longcore

Senior Frank Roberts was selected as the male recipient of December Rotary Student of the Month. 

“I felt really honored, actually,” Roberts said. “I just felt really blessed to have the opportunity to earn [this] award.”

Roberts said he believes he was chosen because of his love for learning and drive for knowledge. 

“I’d say just always wanting to learn more and taking whatever opportunities I could, just taking all the AP classes and doing things that maybe other people wouldn’t want to do because it’s more work,” Roberts said. 

Roberts chose Lakeshore Middle School teacher Nathaniel Mihalek to accompany him to the virtual Rotary meeting because he helped him to see learning as an opportunity.

“[He] really just sparked a passion for learning in me and I feel like that extends beyond science and math to whatever subject, you can think of,” Roberts said. 

The experience may have been virtual instead of in person, but Roberts said he will still take a valuable lesson with him about hard work.

“I would say that although it may not get acknowledged in the instant it will pay off eventually, and Rotary is just one of the ways for me that is exemplified,” Roberts said. “I know it’s a culmination of all this hard work that I’ve been putting into school over the past four years and it feels good to get that recognition and for future things when it may not seem worth it to do, I’ll go the extra step or the extra mile. Ultimately that investment in someone’s own self is the way to go.”