Students put a spin on music


Jacob Welch

Senior Mike Baldus picks up a record to clean it off. Baldus started vinyl club with the intention to listen to more music on this medium.

Jacob Welch, Reporter

Vinyl club met for the first time this Thursday in the high school and then at an audio store to share their passion for music, particularly albums on spinning black disks. 

“Every listening event will be Thursday,” Senior Mike Baldus said. “This location is Audio Impact. It’s owned by my dad actually, and I work here as well. It’s a private space to listen, it gives us a little bit of freedom of what we want to listen to.” 

In the cozy lobby, the casual small group played music while talking about anything. Today, the selection musically was Genesis’s “Genesis” and Supertramp’s “Breakfast in America.”

“What people really want to listen to are those iconic albums,” Baldus said. “Like Abbey Road, The Dark Side of the Moon, those iconic albums. They are essential to hear because of the sound quality, the stories they tell, and just so much more.”

Baldus started the club with a couple of friends to bring people together always at 5 p.m., listening to whatever albums they choose for that day. 

“I know there are a lot of musically talented people and people who just like music at Grand Haven High School,” Baldus said. “What if I had a reason to bring all these great people together and share stuff about each other? I feel like I successfully did that tonight, we talked about the type of music we liked, what to listen to in the future, and how to bring more people in the club.”