Buc Stop is back


Nick Miller

Senior Olivia Christensen working the register in the Buc Stop.

Elena Yu, Reporter

Doors locked and lights off, the Buc Stop has stood lifeless in the corner of the rotunda for the past two years. COVID-19 undoubtedly took many things away from students, one being the school’s beloved store: The Buc Stop. 

When COVID hit, the store was forced to shut down because it was believed that the school store encouraged close contact between students. Restrictions have gradually been lifted, and to many people’s delight, the ban on the Buc Stop has too. 

Seniors Sammy Ritter, Mike Baldus and Skylar Compagner have taken a particular interest in leading the Buc Stop while loosely guided by first year marketing teacher Kelcie Mashburn. 

“I will play CEO if I really have to,  but I feel that the students have a much more productive learning experience when they fall on their own and pick themselves up on their own,” Mashburn said. 

Ritter, Baldus and Compagner all take the lead in narrowing their way towards the same goal: making the store a place of community. 

“We want every student to have something ready for them, and even if they don’t buy anything we just want them to know they’re allowed to hang out there,” Compagner said. 

The student leaders all take charge within their groups to attain their overall goal. Ritter leads product development, Baldus leads digital marketing and Compagner leads advertising. 

“As head of digital marketing, my team and I use time to film commercials, post on social media and help other teams make their jobs easier,” Baldus said. “Communication is so important.” 

As leader of product development, Ritter abides by the store’s strict budget to make student dreams a reality. 

“It’s been difficult trying to recover from COVID-19 because we were left with a strict budget, but my team and I work really hard to expand our branches of product and provide everyone with something they like,” Ritter said.

As leader of advertisement, Compagner takes the products Ritter provides and works with her team to provide proper advertisement. She can be found walking around the lunch room with a sign decorated with candy and Dippin Dots logos. 

“The more interactive we are with the student body, the more responsive they are to the store. We now have regulars that come in everyday, and that shows me that I am doing my job right,” Compagner said. 

As The Buc Stop attempts to dig itself out of its own grave, it becomes more prevalent that it is in the right hands. These determined seniors relentlessly work to make the store a place of community and are always encouraging people to come in. 

“The only way to fully get back on our feet is by having people at least come in,” Baldus said. “We want everyone to come in.”