Botello’s Tacos: the hidden gem


Elena Yu

Emma Becker, Elena Yu, Morgan Wezeman, Zoe Spoelman and Meredith Tysman enjoy Botello’s Tacos.

Elena Yu, Reporter

Here’s a hot take for you: Arturo’s Tacos is not the best joint in town. 

Botello’s Party Store is a Mexican grocery store located on the corner of US 31 and Lake Michigan Drive. It is frequented by blueberry farmers who work at Crossroads just across the street, but is becoming more well known to local families as well for their authentic Mexican cuisine.

The discrete exterior allows for drivers to cruise by without much notice, but there is a charming aspect about the store. The windows are covered from top to bottom with posters and advertisements, which honestly makes the place look a little run down: a potential contributor to the shop’s camouflage. Don’t let this steer you away though, because the interior is packed with a variety of delicious snacks, such as Jaritos soda and chile tajin lollipops. There are all sorts of things that can’t be found at your local Meijer. The outside is skirted with picnic tables and umbrellas that make the place feel welcoming and family-friendly, despite the weathered appearance. 

Contrary to a typical restaurant, you place your order inside at the cash register, and then the food is made outside in a taco truck along the side of the building. The menu offers a variety of choices, and there are American modifiers to the options in case people prefer that style. American style includes sour cream, cheese and lettuce, but in my opinion that just strips away the Mexican flavor that makes this place so unique. My food of choice is a taco de pollo (chicken) and a taco de carnita (pork), both Mexican style (cilantro, lime, corn tortilla). Both are very flavorful and cooked to perfection. When they first came out I took note of the size; in comparison to competitor Arturo’s Tacos, they are a little bit smaller. But this difference is compensated with the cheaper prices. Botello’s is $2.00 per taco as opposed to Arturo’s which is priced at $2.50. When I actually ate the taco though I discovered that it could be pricier than $2.00 a pop and I wouldn’t even care. The service was very quick and the prices were reasonable, which was all I needed to get on board.

 Despite the location, I would recommend checking this place out. If you are ever near West Olive or headed South, Botello’s Tacos is definitely worth the stop.