Cross Country meet rescheduled


Michael Baldus

Michael Baldus

The boys and girls second cross country O-K Red conference meet was canceled due to bad weather on Tuesday, Oct. 2. The meet was at East Kentwood High School. The meet has been rescheduled for Wednesday, October 9 .  

The boys and girls cross country team traveled to East Kentwood for the OK Red conference meet on Tuesday. The coaches recognized there was a chance of bad weather that evening but thought they could fit in the meet before the weather turned bad.

“There was some thunder right before which I thought would maybe usually when you hear thunder to cancel it for they shot the gun off,” coach William Hewitt said.

The girls race normally lasts about 19 minutes but only nine minutes into the race, the girls varsity team stopped running only to be pulled off the course because of lightning and thunder.

“Then right after they told them to stop,” Hewitt said. “And everybody ran to the buses.”

The boy’s team went the baseball dugout, while the coaches took shelter in the baseball press box. 

While taking shelter, Hewitt said the coaches had a meeting and decided to reschedule the meet for  Wednesday, October 9.

“I honestly think it might be better training-wise, it helps us a ton because we had two meets back to back this week and now we just have the one,” Hewitt said. “I think it’ll work out for the best for us. I don’t know about other teams.”