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Kick off your Velcro shoes: “Footloose” cast teaches young to dance

Kick off your Velcro shoes:

Brooke VanOordt, Photojournalist

November 19, 2013

Before Saturday's matinee performance of "Footloose," the cast hosted a one hour dance class that taught kids the choreography to the opening act song. The dance tutorial was held on Sat. Nov 16, at noon. The fee to participate was $5. After the kids learned the dance, they got to go on stage and perform...

Pre-show Preparation at Footloose

Austin Schouman, Entertainment Editor

November 15, 2013

For all the work that goes on during the actual performance of Footloose, a whole lot more goes into pre-show preparation. Entertainment Editor Austin Schouman embedded himself backstage in the two hours leading up to showtime to see exactly what goes on. 2 hours to curtain Actors, actresses and mem...