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Dressing Euphoric

Fashion trends have started since season two of the HBO show Euphoria came out.
Peyton Balavitch, Reporter March 3, 2022

Trends are always changing. We have entered a new phase of fashion. The latest one is glitter, eccentric eye makeup, and layers, thanks to the HBO series Euphoria. This fun and funky fashion is proving...

Chromebooks level playing field

Classrooms connect online with one-to-one devices from tech bond
Emily Bruch, News Editor October 17, 2015

Staring at a white screen and watching your dinosaur hop over cacti with every press of the space bar was a common occurrence the first few days of school, when the new Dell Chromebooks had problems with...

Opinion: Friends beyond Facebook

Opinion: Friends beyond Facebook

Maggie LaLonde, Reporter February 26, 2014

The lights are off, but the basement is lit by the glowing screens of cell phones. The silence is broken by a giggle, and your friend showing you a hilarious tweet as she clicks the favorite button (perhaps...

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