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Miriam Deyoung helps eighth grade choir teacher Mr. Payton

Miriam Deyoung helps eighth grade choir teacher Mr. Payton

Misgana Deur, Reporter February 14, 2021

Senior Miriam Deyoung helped out eighth-grade choir teacher Parks Payton by recording music for students who are online.  “Mr. Payton reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to create recordings...

Assistant principal Mike Roberson has decided to fill his schedule with frequent runs and walks during this Stay Home, Stay Safe order. He admits his dogs are getting pretty tired of going out for runs and walks though.

Assistant principal Roberson finds solace in frequent exercise and family time during COVID-19 lockdown

Caleb Berko, Managing Editor April 15, 2020

For assistant principal Mike Roberson, the Stay Home, Stay Safe order has drastically altered a lot of his former habits. He’s working from home now, uses Hangouts for meetings and as he jokingly said,...

Sophomore Gavin Hubner practices Yo-Yo while on leave from school

Caleb Berko, Managing Editor March 17, 2020

Sophomore Gavin Hubner’s walls are lined with books, an Adventure Time poster and various Star Wars Lego sets among other things. His floor is clear of any clutter and his bed is made.  It’s here...

CyberSchool is CyberCool

Online schooling serves as alternative option for students who prefer flexible school days
Connor Weber, Senior Staff Writer October 17, 2015

School is now in full swing and for many students that means slipping back into the same monotonous schedule. Early mornings, long classes, little sleep. Although a growing number of students are coming...

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