Miriam Deyoung helps eighth grade choir teacher Mr. Payton

Senior Miriam Deyoung helped out eighth-grade choir teacher Parks Payton by recording music for students who are online. 

“Mr. Payton reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to create recordings for students to continue learning when they’re in quarantine,” Deyoung said. 

Payton sent Deyoung pieces of music that the choir was going to start working on that week. And she created a recording for the soprano and the alto parts so that the online students can participate. 

“Mr. Payton being the male choir teacher, thought it would be beneficial for students to have a female voice in their parts,” Deyoung said. “And I’ve always been a part of the choir program, so I felt like it was a good opportunity to help.” 

That was the only recording Deyoung was asked to do, but if there were more Deyoung would be the first person for the job. 

“Helping out gave me the chance to test my musician skills,” Deyoung said. “Also to assist and help people.”