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Absentia sends chills down viewers’ spines

Mind reeling, a chill coursing through my veins. This is how I sat after watching Absentia. This new Amazon original show is nothing short of downright spooky. Following the horrifying story of  FBI agent Emily Byrne’s return after being held captive for six years by a man still at large it is both tragically sad and terrifying. As the plot unfolds in scenes of sorrow and devastation the world begins to take on a hue of gray that captures the frightening essence of the show.

Even small moments of happiness are tinged with Byrne’s underlying pain as she tries to return to a life that had declared her dead and moved on. Her son, no longer an infant, does not see her as his mother, her husband is remarried and no longer hers in sickness and in health. She is returning to a life that has no place for her in a time when she truly needs to feel a sense of belonging.

This however is not her only struggle, with her captor, a suspected serial killer still at large, Byrne is determined to get justice for herself and the many other victims. Sadly it will not prove a easy feat. With her subconscious hiding details of her captivity and the endless layers of deception in the case, the truth is not easy to come by. The further her story progresses, the more complicated the case becomes and with rising paranoia from all ends the more out of reach a sense of closure.

As you watch there is no predicting what will come next–only a feeling of unease that whatever turn the plot takes it will be darker than the last. Absentia is not for the faint of heart. It is immersed in horrific revelations and mature content that leaves you with an unshakable feeling of unease. But if you can brave this haunting mystery, it is an engaging and thrilling ride.

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