Jessica Skinner


Senior Jessica Skinner was honored as a December student of the month alongside teacher John Mauro.

Adrienne Parcheta, Reporter

Senior Jessica Skinner was awarded Rotary Student of the Month for December along with Matthew Dickinson. 

“I was quite surprised because I thought it was always based on GPA,” Skinner said, “They’re looking for kids who have high grades, but also who are doing good in school and the community. So, I was surprised and it felt really really good.”

Skinner chose teacher John Mauro, Interact Club adviser, to accompany her. 

“I am really involved in the interact club and he’s taught me a lot of life things and lessons through that club,” Skinner said. “He’s had a really big impact on me.”

Skinner was shocked to receive the award, but surely did deserve it. 

“I was probably chosen for my involvement in Interact Club,” Skinner said. “I’ve been in it for three years and I’m the current president, it pretty much takes up all my free time. I love it so much.”