Library’s collection of books continues to expand


Cameron March

Pictured are some new books that have been recently added to the library’s collection on display.

Natalie Dupuis, Assigning Editor

New books are usually ordered several times a month holding 20 to 30 books at a time in a box. 

“Normally it takes a week or two to get everything in from an order because some things are back-ordered or Amazon sometimes takes a little bit of time to get here,” media specialist Dana Rider said.

Most of the new books that come in are requested by students and sometimes staff members. 

“We do a lot of requests by popular authors, the next book in a series and what’s on bestseller lists,” Rider said. 

Recently, realistic fiction, mystery, thriller and nonfiction have been popular genres that have been requested to be ordered and added to the library’s collection.  

“It’s exciting getting new stuff and usually students have requested a lot of things they like, so they’re really excited to get the books too,” Rider said. 

Some students will go to the library looking around for certain books. Asking can help them get their questions answered. 

“Always ask if you’re not sure if we have something or you might not see it on the shelf,” Rider said. “Just ask because a lot of times we can make it happen.”