Georgia Basil recognized as September Rotary Student of the Month

Senior Georgia Basil was honored as the September Rotary Student of the Month. She was chosen for her leadership abilities and academic record. Basil was shocked when she found out that she had received the award.

“I wasn’t really expecting to receive it at all,” Basil said. “I guess I didn’t even realize that they were doing it this year, so I was excited when I got the note.”

Typically, the Rotary Students of the Month are invited to attend a luncheon. However, due to COVID-19 precautions the ceremony was held virtually through a Zoom meeting. Although Basil didn’t get the typical experience, she was happy that she still got to celebrate her accomplishment.

“I was just excited that I got to be named Rotary Student of the Month,” Basil said. “Obviously, it would have been fun to go to the luncheon because you get free food and you get to meet a lot of people. But, the Zoom call was probably a good alternative, especially considering we’re getting more cases now. I think it is probably the safest option for us.”

Basil was asked to choose a person of significance to accompany her on the call. She chose English teacher Jared Kram.

“I had him for English 10 two years ago and I also have him for Academy, so I see him every day,” Basil said. “I’ve just had a really good relationship with him and I felt comfortable asking him.”

Basil was grateful to be recognized by the Rotary Club. When she was recognized for her achievement, she gained a new sense of confidence in herself.

“I think I’ve just gained more confidence in myself, especially in school,” Basil said. “Also, it really shows that if you work hard and make sure that you maintain your grades and extracurriculars, it really does actually pay off.”