Movie Review: The Amazing Spiderman 2


Drew Hewitt, Photographer

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Who will it appeal to:  Superhero loving teens and college students, because they can relate to some of the events happening in Peter Parker’s life and also enjoy the action filled scenes with Spidey.

Stars: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Fox, Dane Dehaan, Sally Field

The Plot:  Nothing brings Peter Parker more thrill than being the hero to the people of New York and being with the love of his life, Gwen (Emma Stone).  Peter encounters his childhood friend Harry Osborn (Dane Dehaan) who brings conflict to the plot due to his sick mind.  Max Dillon/Electro (Jamie Foxx) just wants to feel needed in the world, but when people don’t give him the attention he desires he reacts in a shocking manner. Little did Peter know that what he learned in 8th grade science class would later on help him save the city.

Reasons why it may be good: Each scene is filled with turmoil, emotion and action.

Reasons why it may be bad:   This film takes more of a reality approach and portrays some negative events that could be disturbing to some people.

The verdict:   I give this movie an A+ for its superlative cast, outstanding special effects, and the plot was top notch. All in all, Spidey had me webbed to my seat.

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