Birth Chart by Peyton Balavitch


Astrology has become widely popular due to the rapid growth of the practice of spirituality. Whether it is through yoga or chakras, or even just checking your horoscope on social media posts. 

What do the stars have in store for you today? What are the traits of a Leo? This is a trend that is spreading like wildfire.

Like many others, I myself have been studying astrology since I was around ten years old. 

Almost everyone I meet recently I have been able to strike up a discussion on this topic. Astrology really is so much more than the stars predicting the future, it’s almost like a spiritual weather prediction, of what you should expect coming into your life. 

Astrology, by definition, is the study of celestial bodies in the universe and their influence on earth and on human life. How planets and their movements affect our everyday lives.

Astrology has been used in practice in different cultures since ancient times, the B.C era. The first culture to ever really use it in practice was Mesopotamia, which was in the third millennium. Soon also taken on by the Egyptians, Greeks Romans,  Aztecs, so many different cultures were practicing different versions of astrology. 

The original practice was used more so as a calendar, so they could see what seasons were to come and how it would affect their society. They would also use these signs for prophecy.

Everyone truly believed that the way stars and planets align can really determine something in your life. Especially how they are lined up when you are born. Everyone knows their sun sign, just the basic sign that’s determined by the month, but what people don’t know is that there is a way more in-depth way to learn about astrology and yourself. 

A birth chart is when you can see which sign each planet is in when you were born, and how it affects you. It’s actually very easy, there are plenty of websites and apps you can use to find out. Some of my favorites are and the app Time Passages. All you have to do is put in your birthday, the location you were born, and the time. 

After that, a lot of the websites will go into each placement and tell you how and why that specific placement affects you. You can try it if you ever feel interested. 

I truly believe in astrology considering its history and the effect it has on everyday life. Since I got into it, everything opened a new perspective. 

My whole life I never felt truly understood, by other people or even myself. Astrology was a really interesting way for me to gain a deeper understanding of myself and see my flaws and strengths in a different way. Also accepting all of those things about myself, because that’s what makes me the person I am.

Understanding myself helped me understand others, which therefore helped my friendships and relationships. Being able to communicate with others better is super beneficial when you have that understanding that they feel differently because of the way they think and feel.

Understanding this can also help you see what you can do to help yourself, why you struggle with certain things, and how to work with them. I find it very therapeutic and I think it’s a hobby definitely worth looking into.