Top 5 songs

Addy Vargo, Reporter

Daddy Issues by the Neighborhood 

  • “I like the beat, it’s easy to scream in your car while driving around at night. I like how the lyrics spin around your head and echo into the background.” -Sydney Kroll 


Unstoppable by Sia 

  • “It makes me feel like I can get through anything and that I can push through even if things are hard. It’s just a “walk forward” song,” -Reese Madison 


Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace 

  • “I think it’s the kind of song you can scream and cry to if you want but also the kind of song you can have fun with. Either way, it’s haunting and a good song to lead up to spooky season.” -Addy Vargo


War in your Arms by Ben Abraham 

  • “His voice is angelic. He mixes electric guitar with gospel and it blends seamlessly.” -Emma Steury 


New Light by John Mayer: 

  • “I enjoy his guitar solo and he takes a lot of noises and puts them into one area and it works really well.” -Caden Buller