Choir hosts first concert of the school year


Emily Jarrell

All the choirs gathered on the stage to sing three songs together for the grand finale.

Emily Jarrell , Reporter

What Happened:

Choir had its first concert on Monday at the high school in the Performing Arts Center. Each choir took turns performing a couple of songs and then returning to the audience to watch the other choirs. They started the concert off with the song “Your Soul is Song”. Also, “I Sing Because I’m Happy” was sung by the choral ensemble and was spectacular. Then, for the grand finale, all of the choirs performed together and even had the audience join in on the last song “Come and Sing”. 

What This Means:

This gave the choirs an opportunity to showcase everything that they have been working on this fall to their family and friends. This was a great way for choir to kick off for the rest of the school year. 

They Said It

“In choir, we believe that when people are together and singing that it is truly a magical thing,” choir director Juli Dick said. “It may not happen often but when it does, it is special.”