Andy Ingall sends in retirement letter


Megan Voorhees, Photo Editor

Grand Haven Area Public Schools Superintendent, Andy Ingall, released a statement announcing his retirement on September 10 at 2:29 pm. This will be in effect starting December 31, 2021.

Finding a time of retirement was hard for Ingall. However, the need to put himself and his family first was the main reason. 

“We have sacrificed greatly while I pursued my professional goals,” Ingall said during the statement. “New leadership will have the full strength and energy to address emerging challenges and embark on the next round of long-range planning,”

Ingall wants everyone who worked with him throughout the past six and a half years to know his gratitude and thankfulness for the work they’ve done for him. 

“I wish continued success for ALL for each person associated with our community,” Ingall said. “The Board who governs this organization will undoubtedly ensure it.”