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Central High School Graduation 2021

Central High School and CyberSchool Graduation 2021

Camille Berko, Managing Editor for Content June 4, 2021

COVID-19 will not affect snow days at Grand Haven High School.

COVID-19 has not affected snow day policies

Megan Voorhees, Reporter March 3, 2021

Snow day policies will not be affected because of COVID-19. Deciding if the roads are not driveable hasn’t changed at all for superintendent Andy Ingall.  Students are concerned about more school...

So many snow days have students beginning to wonder if they should be studying during their time off or if they should be enjoying the time away from the classroom. Many found during the “snow-pocalypse” that a healthy balance of both was necessary to getting through the break.

Snow days causing CHAOS

With over two weeks of unexpected snow days this semester, teachers and administrators are scrambling to catch up with the curriculum
Caleb Berko, Managing Editor February 19, 2019

The number of snow days this semester has been unpredictable and the plethora of days away does not come without consequence. Each year the state allots six days to districts for weather related days...

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