Forget about likes

September 8, 2015

It took five tries to get the picture just right.

You tried every filter snapchat, instagram and twitter had to offer.

You tilted your head and squinted your eyes while trying to crop it perfectly.

You discarded the draft three times.

Finally you posted it.

And now you wait.

Wait for the bell to chime and that notification to pop up with instant approval.

But who really cares?

You know you rocked that selfie, so why does watching the number of hearts climb give you such a high? There’s so much that matters more than how many people like your picture.

It’s just like spending three hours on labor day night haphazardly throwing clothes around your room while trying to figure out what to wear on the first day of school.

We all know that you’re going to be exhausted and the last thing you want to do is spend an hour getting ready when you could be sleeping. So go to sleep and roll out of bed at 7, brush your hair, eat your toast, throw on your go-to outfit, and stroll out the door rested, fed, and comfy.

Your life does not revolve around likes. You don’t need to get everybody’s approval.

This new year is not about the kodak moments so that you can post them, but so you can look back at those unedited pictures years from now and remember what was more important than the stray hair that would have made you retake it. Remember the people you were with at that homecoming game under the lights, or the score when our football team finally won a game and restored your hope for the season.

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