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Jonas Quirin

Jonas Quirin, Photo Editor

Jonas Quirin AKA Jona$ty, has been on staff for 3 years now. Starting as a photographer he has  made his way up to Photo Editor. Quirin is very passionate about photography and hopes to turn it into a future career someday. He loves to travel with his family and document his travels through the pictures he takes. Aside from photography Quirin is also very passionate about music. Whether it's flipping records, playing piano, or jamming on the drums, he is always musically involved. He is currently dating his camera, but hopes to find a real lover some time in the near future.

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DEFYING DISEASE: Junior Izzy Villanueva lives with multiple sclerosis (MS), a chronic, progressive disease involving damage to sheaths of nerve cells in brain and spinal cord. Villanueva doesnt want to be defined by her disease.

[PHOTO] More than MS

March 27, 2016

[PHOTO] Life in color

January 28, 2016

Monday: pajama day

October 7, 2015

[PHOTO] Sarah Chrysler

September 11, 2015

[PHOTO] Spread too thin

September 8, 2015

[PHOTO] I’m not ready

September 8, 2015

[PHOTO] Final hoorah

September 8, 2015
Getting in Gear

Getting in Gear

May 12, 2015

Rising Rockers

January 27, 2015
Grand Haven students Bradley Langemaat and Gatlin Swinton as well as other captains and their angles smile for a group picture after the race. “it’s great to be able to do this with our students and with students in general outside of the school day, because its you know we aren’t doing academics, we are doing something that’s filling them up and kinda filling their bubble in another way” teacher Melissa Richardson said.

[PHOTO] Truly Triumphant

November 10, 2014
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