Bucs’ Boosters urge student involvement

November 24, 2015

A group of cheerleaders gathered excitedly around cardboard boxes, days before the football season opener. The boxes are opened to reveal pristine blue and gold skirts with matching tops. The new uniforms had finally arrived.

“It was like Christmas morning,” cheerleading coach Gabrielle Torrosian said. “We were so excited. We could not have gotten them without the boosters.”

The Buccaneer Sports Boosters Club was founded by former Athletic Director, Steve Sluka, in the late 1960’s. That small group of coaches and administration evolved into what it is today; a large non-profit organization that works to fund various aspects of Grand Haven athletics.

“We provide money to the sports programs that allow them to get things, like new uniforms, that the athletic budget doesn’t allow for,” club Vice-President, Jeff Burel said.

The club provides financial grants, awards college scholarships, recognizes scholar athletes and a number of other commodities to the sport teams. Last year the organization provided $28,000 to Grand Haven’s athletic programs.

“The club saves our behinds,” Athletic Director Scott Robertson said. “They generate a lot of funds that fill in the gaps where our school budget doesn’t fill our needs.”

These funds are secured through a number of different fundraisers. But most are generated through the concession stands at home sporting events.

“Biggest thing is volunteering time to help in concessions,” Burel said. “Without volunteers we don’t have enough people to run everything.”

The Boosters support students in many aspects. To maintain the program, they need students help.

“Everything the boosters do is for the students,” Torrosian said. “Whether they are in a sport a not, what the club does for us affects everyone, that’s why students should get involved.”

Presently, the club is comprised of parents, administration and coaches. But the program would like to see more students get involved.

“Students can become members of the club,” Robertson said. “I think it would be awesome to see some kids at the meetings.”

Learn more about the organization at ghbucsboosters.com. Meetings are held the second Monday of each month. Students are encouraged to attend.

“We want the students to understand who we are and what we do,” Burel said.

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