Get to know: Shrek

Vlasia Niotis, Web Editor

For two weekends, senior Alex Prince was looking a little green, not with envy but paint. After a lengthy transformation, Prince became Shrek, the grumpy ogre who just wants his swamp but ends up with more than he bargained for. Walk a mile in his fat suit and get to know what it took to play the role.

Q: How is playing Shrek different from any other role you’ve played?
A: I’ve played stricts and harsh people, or just dumb and clueless people, but nothing really mean. So it’s very different. There’s also things like the accent and the lack of dancing; it’s just a whole different feel.

Q: What are some struggles you’ve had with the role?
A: I’ve never been good wit accents but I’ve had a lot of outside help aid me with it. I haven’t had any complaints or comments on it since I the first month of rehearsing it, so it’s come along really well. I love to dance but Shrek being an ogre and having a fat suit doesn’t ever dance, so it’s a bit disappointing not being able to do that, but it’s still a great show.

Q: What did you like/dislike about your role?
A: I love the music. There’s just something to it that speaks some power to me. I don’t know what it is but it’s just so much fun to do. What I don’t like about it; I’m not generally a mean person so I don’t like to be mean and it’s kind of weird to just shout at my friends and act that way. I mean I can do it, it’s just weird.

Q: What did you learn from playing Shrek?
A: It’s okay to get angry sometimes. It’s not going to hurt. It’s not going to kill someone, it’s not going to end something. It’s just anger and being upset. It’s not going to ruin everything. You just gotta get through it and get past the problem.