Get to know: Lord Farquaad

Vlasia Niotis , Web Editor

farquaad Senior Brian Bialowis went from a cheer uniform to capes worthy of king he would never become. Bialowis fell to his knees to become Lord Farquaad in this years musical “Shrek, the Musical”, get down on his level and find out how he took on the role.

Q: What’s your favorite part about playing Lord Farquaad?

A: I would have to say playing the role on my knees. It kind of gives you this whole new perspective of the world and how difficult it is to be that tiny and trying to maneuver on your knees is a workout.

Q: What are some challenges you’ve faced with the role?

A: Getting into the role of Farquaad; he’s a complex character because he has so much that fuels the rage he has, so really, he comes off as this bitterly sarcastic, campy attitude. But really, on the inside he’s this diabolical mastermind that’s just itching to achieve this dream no matter what the cost is.

Q: How is that different from the other roles you’ve played?

A: Farquaad is this character where I set my story line, I make my own character, I develop this whole persona.

Q: Can you relate to Farquaad in any way?

A: He’s kind of brought out my inner diva. Because he’s this, ‘I’m high and mighty and you’re not’ kind of attitude. I’ve gained a lot of self confidence through him.