Get to know: Fiona

Vlasia Niotis, Web Editor

She may not fit the stigma of a princess except for being locked in a tower. She has he quirks and senior MyKenzie Miller took them all on, go behind the green makeup and find out how with this Q&A.

Q: Who is Fiona?
A: She’s a unique character, overall. I’ve never played a princess before, but she’s also not a typical princess, so I think just in general, the wacky-ness of her personality and just the largeness of who she is. Like, she has so many different personalities; she even says she’s bipolar in one of the songs.

Q: How is playing Fiona different from any other role you’ve played before?
A: I’ve played a lot of motherly roles because sometimes I come off as more mature and I have a more mature sounding voice for musicals and things like that. This is just a lot different because Fiona is young and wacky and it’s a lot larger than any role I’ve ever taken on before. And just getting all of those different reactions and different personalities down just like (snaps) that and just switch at any moment in time is pretty interesting and different for me to try.

Q: How do you like playing Fiona? What’s your favorite part?
A: I think that one of my favorite parts is when you really see improvement and you watch a group number or something and you’re sitting back just taking it all in and you’re like, ‘wow’ that it’s just improved beyond anything you could’ve imagined before at the beginning. And just watching everyone grow as a cast and as individuals in their characters, and as people in general. Just growing together is a really good thing and probably my favorite.

Q: What have you learned from playing Fiona?
A: I’ve learned to come out of my comfort zone a lot more. I’ve taken on more of a leadership role then I have in the past. I’ve built my confidence up a lot more than I ever have before because I’ve always been a really shy person, kind of quiet when not on stage and I think I’ve really grown and it’s helped me realize that sometimes when you think you’re at this level and being so crazy and wacky that you need to boost it up again and again and again until you’ve broken your comfort zone and then suddenly it just transforms into something new and really great.