Is it too early to decorate for Christmas?


Cameron March

Christmas decorations are starting to be put up for the holiday season, but it’s too soon.

Every year after Halloween people begin to talk about Christmas and everything related to the holiday season. I understand why people are excited for Christmas, but that doesn’t mean they should push Thanksgiving out of the way and skip to Christmas so soon. 

People shouldn’t begin decorating or celebrating the holiday season this month because Thanksgiving hasn’t been celebrated yet. Everyone gets excited once Halloween passes by because they’re now able to start thinking about Christmas, but people should wait until November is over. 

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and being thankful for what and who you have in your life. You shouldn’t pass by it and skip to Christmas. It should be a season of being thankful followed by a season of giving.  

People should only start celebrating holidays in the month that it’s in. So Halloween would be celebrated in October while Thanksgiving is in November along with Christmas in December. Having Thanksgiving before Christmas gives people a break from the business before the busy holiday season comes around the corner. 

People should hold off on decorating for the holiday season until December. Stores should do the same thing and wait to stock their shelves full of Christmas related products once December is here and not before. 

About a month before the holiday season, stores begin to put holiday decorations. The shelves become stocked and full of decorations. Stores are stocking their shelves too early because the next holiday approaching is Thanksgiving. 

Walking into Meijer and seeing Christmas decorations up and on shelves makes me upset because that’s not the holiday that is next in the year. The same thing goes for when you drive past places selling trees for Christmas. 

One thing about decorating for Christmas is getting a Christmas tree. Many people use artificial trees, but many people also go out and buy real ones too. Getting a real tree earlier in the year isn’t the best idea because the tree can dry out before Christmas day. The same thing goes for wreaths. 

People will get trees for Christmas so much earlier than they should. It’s annoying because people don’t understand that their trees are going to dry out before Christmas day even comes. It’s annoying hearing and seeing Christmas trees up before December. It’s annoying when they’re up before Thanksgiving for a matter of fact. 

Another thing is that I was recently at the library working on homework and I began to notice that there’s Christmas movies on display. The library! They put out movies for the holiday season already! Thanksgiving is this week, not Christmas. Books and decorations will be put out soon, just you wait.

Another part of celebrating Christmas early is the Christmas music. Playing Christmas music early on the radio drives people crazy because they get sick and tired of hearing the same thing on almost every radio station before December even begins. It’s not just on radio stations either, it’s playing in stores too. After awhile, Christmas music starts to drag on and causes an annoyance to others. 

In the end, it’s best to keep Christmas in the month of December and only December. Seeing Christmas decorations up in stores takes away from the two holidays that take place before Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving.