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DECA receive medals from state conference

Emma Sachteleben , Reporter March 18, 2016

This past weekend the Delta Epsilon Chi and Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) local club brought home two medals from the state conference held in Detroit. It is a program designed for students...

Down by the sea

Down by the sea

A Peurto Rico trip inspired teachers Chad Jettner, Melissa and James Richardson to create business crafting jewelry out of beach glass
Emma Sachteleben , Reporter January 26, 2016

Last year, the chilly months of winter prompted three teachers to take a spring break vacation to Puerto Rico. Their tropical getaway lead to an unexpected jewelry business. On the trip to Aguada, Puerto...

A guide to note taking

Emma Sachteleben , Reporter January 25, 2016

Note taking is an inevitable duty of every student. Since it is necessary, we have all determined different styles of note taking and studying in order to help us best. However, our notes are not always...

Winter spirit days schedule

Emma Sachteleben , Reporter December 7, 2015

Winter break is creeping up on us. The ground will soon be covered by a blanket of snow and students will have no school to distract them from enjoying the season. To celebrate, the student senate is featuring...

District hosts Cyber Safety Night

Emma Sachteleben, Reporter October 26, 2015

Chromebooks are officially in the hands of every student. With a direct link to the internet at all times, the district is taking measures to ensure that this technology is used safely. “With...

Boomerang career fair comes back to field house

Emma Sachteleben, Reporter October 20, 2015

For many seniors, the question of what to do after graduation remains unanswered. To help clarify this dilemma, the Boomerang career fair is opening the door to post-high school opportunities. “It’s...

Debate club starts up again

Emma Sachteleben, Reporter October 14, 2015

After discovering that the school’s debate club was no longer in existence, freshman Chloe Weigel contacted Mark Robertson, the previous club advisor, and together they decided to bring the club back....

Sachteleben starts pre-med club

Dallas Eslick, Entertainment Editor September 26, 2014

Getting into med school is a competitive process but a group of students are taking steps to make it easier by starting a new Pre-Med Club. “I started this club because it’s a chance to be with...

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