Girls volleyball prepares for districts

The Bucs traveled to Caledonia for their last conference game on Wednesday, October 30. They beat East Kentwood in three sets to win the conference title.  

Grand Haven will host the district game Monday, November 4th. The girls will face off against Mona Shores, who will try to slow things down.

“They’re going to play hard,” coach Aaron Smaka said “They’re a scrappy team. They’re a smaller team, so they’re going to try their best to, you know, play really great defense against us;  get the ball up, get it back on our side and hope that we make some mistakes. They’re gonna probably serve us short. They’re currently trying to tip a lot against us. And they’re just going to try to do things to slow down our game and not let us play as fast as we want to play.”

According to Smaka, the Bucs plan to counter this by looking at scouting reports, having good consistency, playing at a higher level, and most of all communicating. 

“We know we play better when we communicate well,” Smaka said “So those have been a couple of big focuses yesterday and today. And then we really honestly believe that if we serve and pass well, you know, hopefully, we’ll take care of that.”

The team is excited to host the district game Monday night at 7:00 P.M. and would love to fill the student section up. Everyone who buys a ticket will receive a free volleyball T-shirt.