Water Polo Heads to the State Tournament

The boy’s water polo team braces for the state tournament this weekend as they head in as a 4 seed in the tournament. Hudsonville and Rockford will be the biggest competitors for the Bucs, who have already lost to the Eagles. Hudsonville will be going into the tournament as the top 1 seed.

“We’re working on some small strategies to try and mess with Hudsonville,” senior Jack Stork said. 

Another big competitor for the Bucs on Saturday will be Rockford.

Jacks says, “Our tie with Rockford earlier this season was probably my favorite part of the season”. 

Stork said, “I think the biggest difference this year has been the group of kids. That’s definitely the biggest thing. There is just different team chemistry and makeup this year compared to last season”.  

He is proud of how much the varsity team has improved throughout his career playing water polo.